onedotzero festival identity

an interactive festival identity commissioned for onedotzero_adventures in motion 2009. created by Wieden + Kennedy and Karsten Schmidt, powered by Nokia

For the onedotzero_adventures in motion festival 2009, onedotzero commissioned a unique identity.

The heart of onedotzero’s festival ethos has always been 'convergence and collaboration’ and this inspired the agency Wieden & Kennedy to create a concept which harnessed global online conversations about the onedotzero festival.

Processing based software was devised by Karsten Schmidt and Gary Birkett, working with Maemo 5 - the Nokia N900’s linux-based operating system.

This bespoke software channels words and opinions from social networks and blogs, turning them into colourful strands of text. These strands gravitate towards invisible texts paths to ultimately form the onedotzero logo or other words inputted to the software.

The software can be paused to create print assets or recorded to create film assets. Outputs included the festival posters, brochure and motion trailer.

The bespoke identity was also presented as an interactive installation at the BFI Southbank, acting as a huge beacon for the festival. Projected onto a 50 metre wide exterior wall, visitors could submit their own messages via brand new Nokia N900 handsets and manipulate them using gestural interactions that highlighted the devices technical capabilities. For example tapping into the device’s accelerometer, users manipulate their message simply by flipping and rotating the device.

During the festival there were also a number of talks around development on the Maemo platform, including a panel discussion that featured Nokia’s head of user experience design on Maemo, Harri Kiljander.

onedotzero's identity successfully delivered Nokia’s aim to raise awareness of the capabilities of the N900 both for developers and users. The project was nominated for the Brit Insurance Interactive Award 2010

The open source software is freely available to download and adapt here: