A screening programme of poetry within moving image

This series of shorts looks at a range of expressive moving image work from treated live action to animation via motion graphics based on, or inspired by, poetry or poetic texts. These form a visual investigation of words in poetic motion, enriching the meanings and enhancing the understanding. The programme has works that are entertaining, surprising and beautiful showing the combined power of moving image and poetry with thoughtful effect.

Poemetrics has been specially curated by onedotzero and produced in partnership with EMPAC [experimental media and performing arts centre].

Aritsts featured in this screening programme include David Alexander Anderson, Adam Long, Lesley Barnes, Andy Martin, Matt Lambert, Tony Comley, Alex Weil, Salomon, Crush, Michael Fragstein, Mark Nute, Daniel Boyle, Mario Pietro Brioschi, Scott Wenner, Jaeho Hwang, Jonathan Chong, Jac Min, David Viau, Julian Grey, Diego Maclean and Seiichi Hishikawa.