red bull music academy

Visualising sound in a clash between Warp records and Ninja tune

Red Bull Music Academy approached onedotzero to attempt to visualise the travelling sound coming from Illustrious Company's 3D sound-system in a soundclash between artists from Warp records and Ninja Tune.

The event took place in the loading bay of the Royal Albert Hall marking the most prestigious night of the Academy's London tour and a rare opportunity to host an event in the bowels of the iconic London concert hall.

onedotzero pulled together a team of creatives including Minivegas [Nexus], Quayola, Field, and Tommi Traum to build a system that responds to the audio and midi values outputted by the sound-system. The result was an awesome blend of coding and design that delivered over 50 different looks throughout the night.

Full line up
Plaid DJ Set [Warp, London] 
The Bug with Flow Dan & Daddy Freddy [Ninja Tune, London] 
Clark [Warp, London] 
DJ Food [Ninja Tune, London] 
Mira Calix [Warp, London]