onedotzero's latest screening programme is a tantalizing sampler of innovative forms and hybrids of moving image

onedotzero presents a brand new curated screening programme that traverses supernatural landscapes, alien worlds, retro Americana dreamscapes, future fractal universes and beyond.

This tantalizing sampler showcases the latest forms and hybrids of moving image across motion graphics, short films, animation and music videos.

This international selection of artists includes: Heliofant, Joost Korngold, Cyriak Harris, Field, Martin Böttger, WeWereMonkeys, Eamonn O'Neill, about:blank™, Dai-Dai Tran, Dan Sumich, Jordi Pages, David Broner, Kaleb Lechowski, Dan Charbit, 4 Ton Dream, Visitor, Blacknorth, Platige Image and Jodeb.

onedotzero_resonate premiered at Resonate 2013 in Belgrade.

Approximate run time: 65 minutes