sky innovation showcase

onedotzero was briefed by Sky to create an Innovation Showcase for their UK headquarters in Osterley.

onedotzero designed a permanent, flexible, striking Innovation Showcase for Sky’s 8000 staff and 1000 weekly guests to explore, learn and immerse themselves in Sky’s drive to lead on customer innovation in their 30th anniversary.

Exterior Finned Facade

onedotzero were tasked with creating an open and inviting yet simultaneously closed and private space and so a unique finned facade exterior was designed. A series of spectrum coloured fins line the front of the structure and by utilising a lenticular approach based on changing heights and angles the fins play with perspective so as you move round the exterior, the space becomes more open, creating an engaging and dynamic facade that changes at every angle. The kink design was also brought through into the interior space creating a dynamic, innovative language.

Interior Language

The interior language was based around Sky’s white world creating a sleak, dynamic look and feel combining angled walls with LED edge lit floating panels to display content via a blend of screens and printed graphics.

The showcase was split into three zones - Today Area, Premier League OB Studio and Tomorrow Area.

The ‘Today Area’ showcased Sky’s wide range of products on offer including Now TV, Sky Mobile, Sky Broadband, Sky Q, Sky Soundbox, Sky Apps and Sky VR. Each product was given its own defined area with a consistent language and design throughout.

The ‘Premier League OB Studio’ created an interactive experience for visitors/staff to be transported to a miniature augmented reality television studio complete with state-of-the-art green screen which put the user in the commentator chair. Each user receives a unique 30 second video with themselves as the pundit presenting and commentating on a Premier League match.

The ‘Tomorrow area’ looks ahead to what new and exciting developments Sky are involved in including Audiences of the future, Start-up partnerships and Sky’s ocean ventures partners. Angled, vinyled plinths were used to create focal points within the area and provide flexibility to change how the area functions.