onedotzero's child-friendly screening programme

A fresh programme just for kids, the next generation of creators! This specially curated selection of shorts, including Studio Aka’s stunning “Lost and Found”, which can be enjoyed by youngsters and parents alike.

Artists in this screening programme include Philip Hunt, Laurent Harduin, Victor Phrakornkham, Delphine Bourgois, Pierre-Vincent Cabourg, Fanny Vergne, Astereokid, Pascal Bideau, Charles-André Lefebvre, Manuel Tanon-Chi, Louis Tardivier, Sébastien Vovau, Emmanuelle Walker, Clement Crocq, Philippe Desfretier, Nicolas Dufresne, Sylvain Kauffmann, Martin Laugero, Guru Studio, Max Loubaresse, Marc Bouyer, Axelle Cheriet and Anthony Vivien.

Approximate run time: 58 minutes