spyscape: a new brand to question everything

SPYSCAPE is not just a museum, it’s a mission.

onedotzero has been working with a new entertainment brand, SPYSCAPE  - on a mission to empower people to see themselves and the world more clearly. SPYSCAPE will operate and create content and experiences that educate and entertain across physical and digital channels and launches the end of 2017.

SPYSCAPE is not just a museum, it’s a mission.

SPYSCAPE’s first public expression will take the form of an epic museum located in New York designed by Adjaye Associates Architects. Set to open late 2017 / early 2018, the 1 million cubic feet museum is based in midtown Manhattan, located on West 55th Street, just two blocks away from MoMa. It will immerse visitors into the secretive universe of espionage through one-of-a-kind exhibitions featuring dynamic storytelling and individualised experiences.

A mission to empower people, through education and entertainment, to see themselves and the world more clearly.

onedotzero has worked with the SPYSCAPE team since the beginning in 2014 - consulting and working across: brand, tone of voice, interpretation, architectural interiors, exhibition displays, online, signage, experiences, technology, retail, marketing and recruitment.

The deep level consultancy role featured suggesting talent, running pitches, creative feedback and input, technology solutions, working sessions and general sounding board where required for the executive team – Shane Walter acting essentially as an ECD with Sophie Walter providing additional work across experiential, production and budgeting.   

“What attracted onedotzero to the SPYSCAPE project was the sheer scale, ambition and reach that it has across entertainment and education, physical and digital. It allowed us to utilize our decades of experience and contacts across a range of sectors and disciplines, and leverage that expertise to help build an amazing team for an incredible new entertainment brand and launch it into the world” 
Shane Walter Founder / Creative Director onedotzero

The assembled stellar team includes Adjaye Associates, SomeOne, Else, Reed Words, W&K New York and a newly built in-house SPYSCAPE design team.

With expertise from top-level hackers and spymasters, SPYSCAPE has created an immersive world, which uses state-of-the-art technology to create changing and individual visitor experiences. 

Inside the cutting edge architectural design, visitors can explore over 60,000 square feet of amazing spy stories, artifacts, characters, and learn how to own spy skills and aptitudes that are transferable to everyday life.

Using a bespoke and authentic profiling system (developed by the former Head of Training for British Intelligence) visitors can even discover what kind of spy they can be...


Adjaye Architects created a diverse range of exhibition spaces housed within bespoke pavilions, each concentrated on 7 distinct themes. The exhibition arrangement plays with user’s perceptions, with partially obscured interstitial circulation spaces that open up into immersive, fully interactive multi-media environments. Each pavilion, including a weathered steel drum with bespoke curved paneling, features a distinctive design and material palette crafted around its unique content.

Adjaye Associates’ design for the 1,000,000 cubic ft space draws from the architectural language of the most significant spy organizations, and inverts the traditional relationship between building and town - essentially establishing a small town within a building. Varied strategies establish spaces that continually shift the visitors vantage point and prioritize the experiences of discovery and observation, using lighting, screens and transparencies between floors.

 “It has been exciting to work with a client as truly innovative as SPYSCAPE. Thanks to their forward-thinking vision, we have been able to challenge the traditional museum typology with a design that embraces state-of-the-art interactive technology to create a visitor experience that truly straddles the physical and digital worlds.”
Lucy Tilley, Associate Director of Adjaye Associates


SomeOne created the branding for SPYSCAPE, a new brand on a mission to empower people to see themselves and the world more clearly. The branding centres around the strategic position of taking nothing for granted. SomeOne developed the brand’s ‘Question Everything’ tagline and designed a bespoke font with typographer Gareth Hague that embodies this thinking.

Here: Lies, Truth...

“This is a brand that is tackling one of the greatest topics of our time. Privacy. Their approach is both erudite and entertaining. The new branding to helps manage their reputation and stimulate curiosity in the audience.”
Simon Manchipp, Founder SomeOne

The tone of voice and select messaging was developed by ReedWords with SomeOne and has been deployed across a selection of new museum merchandise which will go on sale when the Museum opens.

The online experience is being developed by Else, SomeOne and the SPYSCAPE Studio. 

“SPYSCAPE provides a wonderfully creative, interactive, and stimulating experience that imparts tremendous insights into the conduct of spycraft and intelligence operations—as well as the paradoxes involved in such operations.”
General David Petraeus (US ARMY, RET.) former commander of the Surge in Iraq, US Central Command, and coalition forces in Afghanistan, and former Director of the CIA.