A screening programme based around urban spaces and built environments

Evocative artist interpretations of all types of terrain and environments, real and imagined, from surreal urban worlds and second life to the mutation of natural landscapes. Featuring futuristic dystopian visions, and architectural explorations that highlight our ever changing world and the encroachment of the city as mankind’s habitat of choice. One for urban flaneurs and city planners to metropolitan dreamers.

Artists include Jean-Paul Frenay, Ben Marzys, Rey Carlson, Patrick Bergeron, Anca Risca, Joji Tsuruga, Soki So, Graham Young, Eoin Ryan, Matthew Clugston, Basemotion, Tronic, Onesize, Yuki Kawamura, Michael Levy, Cao Fei, Nobuo Takahashi, Jan Schoenwiesner, Lichtfaktor and Kosai Sekine.

Approximate run time: 75 minutes