ultra vista screening programme

for resonate's fifth anniversary in 2016, onedotzero have curated a brand new selection of animated shorts for the big screen.

Showcasing the latest approaches to moving-image making from around the world, this diverse selection of established and up-and-coming talents share an interest in transporting the viewer into the parallel realms of the fictional yet familiar. From augmented realities to fractal universes, from underground to outer space, from nostalgic bygone eras to not-so-distant futures and from the hand-drawn to the hyper-real, this is innovative and imaginative filmmaking at it’s very best. The full programme is 88 minutes of unique audio-visual journeys across alternative realities. For more information about the full screening programme contact: cait@onedotzero.com.


Nick DenBoer & Davy Force
Aggressive (Alex Topaller & Dan Shapiro)
Robert Seidel
Factory Fifteen
Aaron Paradox
Mike Pelletier
Julius Horsthuis
Raven Kwok
Fernando Lazzari
Ugo Gattoni
Masanobu Hiraoka
Onur Senturk
Stephen Simmonds
Matt Frodsham
Evan Viera & Charley Pope
Maxim Zhestkov
Joe Kinch [Blue Zoo]
Trish Sie and Damian Kulash, JR
Tim McCourt & Max Taylor
Ian Pons Jewell