granimator, ustwo

onedotzero teamed up with ustwoâ„¢ to curate a special onedotzero collection of granimatorâ„¢ packs

Granimator™ is a creative graphics and sound based wallpaper creator that allows the user to become the artist. The iPad app allows the user to select from a choice of shapes, styles and backgrounds. Each shape represents a sound that can be manipulated and played and users can draw, erase, move, scale and rotate these assets to create compositions.

To celebrate its 15th year, onedotzero teamed up with ustwo™ to launch a collection of Granimator™ packs created by some of the artists it has worked with or showcased over the last decade and a half. The collaboration launched at onedotzero_adventures in motion festival in November 2011. A range of talent was curated and selected from all over the globe.

The following onedotzero packs are available to download now, free from the  App store