onward, uva

Presented at onedotzero_adventures in motion 2011, onward is an immersive installation that forms part of United Visual Artists’ explorations of parameters in growth and control

This series consists of evolving sculptures grown by generative code, informed by imposed restrictions and willed exceptions.

Using a basic l-systems algorithm, tetrahedrons are generated on the base frame of each lighting fixture and grown from the 24 possible bases designed on the frame. Starting with this parent frame, possibilities are explored to create the following generations of increasingly complex structures.

A second function is applied simultaneously with a goal of coating these frames evenly with a variety of surfaces, delivering a mixture of reflection, refraction, light filtration, and transparency throughout the series.

Finally, the two algorithms are compiled into a set of growth patterns, which create a generation of tetrahedrons for every step and offer formation control over different results every time. the end result is a complete generative method that allows the production of infinite families of objects with diverse aesthetic properties.

Stainless steel, polycarbonate and controllable LEDs.