A screening programme of radical new music videos

The state and transition of the music video industry has been much discussed in recent years, alongside its creative versus commercial and artistic versus corporate merits. However, this tension seems only to stimulate, and produces highly creative results as onedotzero has charted and evidenced since the mid-nineties, still dedicated to exploring innovative, visually progressive music videos with rarely screened promos and directors cuts.

onedotzero has trawled the globe and unearthed exciting new takes on this short form genre. A collection of distinctive visions from both established masters of today and the emerging new directors that will lead moving image in all its forms tomorrow.

Artists include Martin de Thurah, Motomichi Nakamura, Lee Lennox, Minivegas, Joris Clerte, Philippe Massonnet, Woof Wan Bau, Kalle Kotila, Thomas Chou, Lobo, Pleix, Brendan Cook, Paul McNeil, Tomi Malakias, and Clay Lipsky.

Approximate run time: 85 minutes