A screening programme of radical new music videos

The music promo industry continues to raise contentious issues about artistic versus commercial merits, and their new availability as paid for downloads brings new debate. For the last decade, onedotzero has explored the most innovative, visually progressive music videos, showcasing rarely screened promos and directors cuts from around the globe. influential pieces from both established masters of today and the emerging new directors.

Artists include Corin Hardy, Wade Shotter, Aleksey Terekhov, Koichiro Tsujikawa, Geoff McFetridge, Pistachios, Woody Batts, 1st Ave Machine, Up The Resolution, Eric Cruz, James Reitano, Thibaut Berland, Bob Sabiston, R. James Healy, Brendan Cook, Santamaria, Jonas and Francois and Michel Gondry.

Approximate run time: 71 minutes