A screening programme of radical new music videos

Serving up radical new takes in music video – a genre that continues to act as a playground for breaking new directors and musicians to make their mark. Showcasing recent classics by critically acclaimed directors alongside witty lo-fi promos from up-and-coming talent.

Artists in this screening programme include Anthony Francisco Schepperd, Edouard Salier, Zoltán Lányi, Chris Milk, Aaron Koblin, Lim Choi [aka FLA], Bill Sneed, Irina Dakeva, Gabe Askew, William Stahl, Non-Format, Dennis Liu, Kenny Frankland, Special Problems, Yurie Rocha, Joel Tellier, Jude Greenaway, Jolyon Greenaway, Jan van Nuenen, Fluorescent Hill, Ian Stevenson and Luke Seomore.

Approximate run time: 79 minutes