wow + flutter

A screening programme that showcases the best in new and innovative moving image

The vital force of onedotzero, wow and flutter presents international new creative expression exploring motion graphics, character animations, enhanced digital and short experimental works across a wide range of disciplines spanning architecture, fashion, illustration, graphic design and beyond. It showcases new creatives alongside acclaimed talent, highlighting new approaches to graphic storytelling and future visual trends in motion. Includes world premieres and works specially produced, a capsule visual ideas lab.

Artists include Mischa Rozema. David O’Reilly, Simon Robson, Chris Atkins, Kristian Labusga, Crush, Trevor Jiminez, Ryan Molloy, Claus-Maria Zimmerman, Minivegas, Suryummy, Leftchannel, Rob Rae, James Houston, Vascolo, Superestudio, Martin Bottger, Bruno Dias, Maxim Zhestkov, Zurich29, Etienne Constantinesco, Yves Geleyn, Marco di Noia. Yoshi Sodeoka, Andras Ketzer, Susanne Luechtrath, Anton Riedel, Ritxi Ostariz, Crush, Bernard Stulzaft, Domenico Bartolo, Will Adams, Wayne Horse, Tomas Garcia and Rex Crowle.

Approximate run time: 70 minutes