wow + Flutter

A screening programme that showcases the best in new and innovative moving image

onedotzero’s revered programme shares the most innovative and surprising new work across motion graphics, character design, typography, animation and experimental works. This series is delivered by both fresh talent and celebrated masters who blur and explode traditional notions of what moving image can be. This is an international selection from a programme now synonymous with forecasting the future of moving image.

Artists included in this screening programme are Jimmy Yuan, Ahmet Serif Yildirim, Luis Carone, Climent Canal, Sebastian Baptista, Julien Regnard, Alexander Gellner, Richard Swarbrick, Hankins, Nieterau van Kooten, Puijk, Johnny Kelly, Patrick Clair, Celine Desrumaux, Kevin Manach, Joan Masoliver, Emil Goodman, Rupert Cresswall, Jonathan Monaghan, Avner Geller, Stevie Lewis, Nando Costa, Tadas Svilainis, Ioannis Christoforou, Rocco Pezzella, Superbrothers Capy + Jim Guthrie, Brandon Voges, Tim Wilson, Erik Jansson, Haowei Hu, Bif, Florian Baumann, Daniel Schmid, Cedric Neuhaus, Neal Coghlan, Pablo Gostanian, Olivier Barre, Elise Garcette, Nomint, Travis Hopkins and Daniels.

Approximate run time: 80 minutes