wow + flutter

A screening programme that showcases the best in new and innovative moving image

Sharing the most innovative and surprising new work across motion graphics, character design, typography, animation and experimental works from fresh talent and celebrated masters who blur and explode traditional notions of what moving image can be. An international selection from a programme now synonymous with forecasting the future of moving image.

Artists in this screening programme include Arev Manoukian, Paul Smith [Busty Kelp], Esteban Diácono, weareseventeen, Ansted Moss, Sam Stevens, Nomint, Max Hattler, Patrick Clair, MK12, Olivier Patté [Moustache], Tokyoplastic, Onur Senturk, Masaki Yokochi, Brandon Blommaert, Quayola, Hugo Ramirez [Moustache], :weareom:, Tilman Singer, Fons Schiedon, Matias Vigliano, Dante Zaballa, Savas Ozay, Selfburning, Benjamin Ducroz, Clemens Wirth [Clemento], Impactist, Haipeng Sun, PetPunk and Donato Sansone [Milkyeyes].

Approximate run time: 80 minutes