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onedotzero delivered a diverse festival programme at Yota Space, St Petersburg

onedotzero headed to the beautiful, wintery St Petersburg to present a scintillating selection of installations, screening programmes and live audiovisual performances at Yota Space.

This brand new collaboration with the International Festival of Audiovisual Arts Yota Space saw five floors of a former department store be transformed into a museum of contemporary art and surprise entertainment centre.

With regular onedotzero artists including UVA, Jason Bruges and Memo Akten, onedotzero occupied one floor with a stunning exhibition space designed by Francesco Draisci Studio.

A one day creative conference also gave visitors a chance to meet some of the featured artists and learn more about their work. 


Feedback / Hellicar+Lewis with Todd Vanderlin
A fun and interactive, performance-driven installation, which plays with the familiar form of a mirror.

3Destruct / AntiVJ
An immersive, visual and sonic experience to challenge the senses. This is a site-specific new version commissioned by onedotzero especially for the Yota Space.

Toplogies / Quayola
A bespoke, multi-screen installation where pre-modernist paintings re-emerge from their sedentary stillness, to evolve into complex and mutable formations. Proved particularly popular in London at this years onedotzero_adventures in motion 2010 festival.

Strata #1 + Strata #3 / Quayola
Two installations from the Strata series which investigates improbable relationships between contemporary digital aesthetics and icons of classical art and architecture.

Take a Picture / I can haz ur everything...
A new age animated photo booth, allowing the audience to customize and embellish their images with exclusive CGI graphics by fashion designer Cassette Playa. Designed and produced by Kin Design and onedotzero industries.

Stop-iT / Lab212
A new musical creation tool. By sticking post-it notes on a surface, people create a musical piece and mix animations.

Augmented Shadow / Joon Y Moon
An interactive shadow table which depicts an ecosystem where imaginary objects and organic beings co-exist and influence each other’s life cycle. Users can influence the narrative or observe the changes of the shadows.

1923 [aka Heaven] and 1925 [aka Hell] / Max Hattler
Two graphical animation loops inspired by the work of French outsider artist Augustin Lesage (1876-1954). Created with students at The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark.

Advanced Beauty / curated by Universal Everything
A series of audio-reactive ‘video sound sculptures’ resulting from a collaboration between programmers, artists, musicians, animators and architects who were inspired by synasthesia, the rare, sensory experience of seeing sound or tasting colours.

Highlights Preview

onedotzero presents a tantalizing selection of festival highlights as a preview taster screening. Your essential guide to planning what not to miss over the Yota Space two-week period!

Interactive Music Video Lounge

A multi-screen lounge environment featuring promos that seek to engage audiences in new ways and on new platforms. These deliver alternative ways to capture the imagination under your direction; create your own videos, mix your own audio tracks and star in another realm through the magic of augmented reality.

Chris Milk + Aaron Koblin: The Johnny Cash Project
Julien Vallée: DanseDance
Daito Manabe: Venus To Jesus / Etsuko Yakushimaru
Roel Wouters + Jonathan Puckey: More is Less
Aaron Koblin + James Frost: House Of Cards 3D Viewer / Radiohead
Olivier Groulx: The Sound / Human Highway
Herraizsoto + Badabing!: Soy Tu Aire / Labuat
Darren Solomon: In Bb [B Flat] 2.0

Live Audiovisual Performances

The Yota Space festival kicks off with an eight-hour concert dedicated to contemporary electronic culture, with performances by Hot Chip, SCIS-9, D-Pulse and Masters of Skweee.

As part of this launch event onedotzero has invited Hexstatic's Stuart Warren-Hill to present a live audiovisual party set.


Chaired by onedotzero's director Shane Walter, this one day conference introduces and explores the background, working practice and range of work from some of the new breed of creators operating today. Explorations in creation with light, motion and code across designs in fashion, film, music, advertising and contemporary art, this day will open your eyes and minds to new modes of practice and new methods of production through inspirational creators with examples of stand out, world-class work.

Guest Speakers:
Carri Munden / Cassette Playa
Joanie Lemercier / AntiVJ
Vera-Maria Glahn + Marcus Wendt / Field
Matt Wade / Kin Design
Max Hattler

screening programmes