motion blur 2

onedotzero's second book showcasing creators working in moving image

A multidimensional publication by onedotzero encouraging fresh insights into moving image and its makers, accelerating the medium into the 21st century.

In our incredibly media saturated world, motion blur 2 takes an informed path through the diverse moving image area. Investigating some of the mavericks who are pushing the boundaries, it will encourage fresh insights into moving image, and give a glimmer of what the future creators will look like.

The book is not setting out to capture the definitive zeitgeist. It is not about the new or the latest, and it by no means definitive or exhaustive. The nature of book projects means there are also omissions and edits - it is not a plotted history and it does not answer all the questions.

It does set out a series of creators working in moving image and beyond, in a broad media landscape aiming to show a body of work rather than simply the hottest projects.

We are in a time of great fluidity with creative freedom to move between disciplines: a confident time of experimentation. New ways of communication have emerged, new ways of working and a new kind of hybrid artist/creator/filmmaker/designer.

Motion Blur 2 is a dialogue with contemporary creators working in a multitude of motion forms offering a breadth of vision and experiences from a range of differing cultures, approaches and goals. The book explores the artists role in shaping and creating the future of nanotainment. It is rich in contemporary relevance, a legacy of our audio-visual media culture but also a snapshot of our shifting perceptions, ways of working and a new visual literacy.

For anyone interested in the creative industries, entertainment and digital art, motion blur 2 looks at these visual explorations by gathering together a global group of exhilarating talent from around the world who have contributed to this transformation. The 240 page book, with over 1,500 images and accompanying dvd is released in summer 2007 by Laurence King Publishing.

motion blur 2 features work and interviews with the following maverick talents: Airside, Wilfrid Brimo, +cruz / w+k tokyo lab, Da Joint, d-fuse, Elecrotnik, Ed Holdsworth, Intro, Lobo, Takagi Masakatsu, mk12, Motomichi Nakamura, Hiroyuki Nakao, Ne-o, Jonas Odell, Pfadfinderei, Plates Animation, Pleix, Bob Sabiston, Edouard Salier, Timo Schaedel, Chris Shepherd, Floria Sigismondi, Smith + Foulkes, Satoshi Tomioka, Tronic, and Run Wrake.

The dvd features approximately 2 hours of moving image work across music videos, rarely-seen personal shorts, idents, titles, and commercials.

The book is the follow up to the successful and influential motion blur, published by Laurence King in 2003. Described as 'utterly captivating' by metro [London], it has since gone into 2 reprints.

Motion Blur 2 is published by Laurence King.